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The present study selected as its objective the development of a rating scale for use by psychologists wishing to measure psychopharmacologically-induced changes in the behavior of institutionalized mentally retarded children. The need for such a scale is evidenced by the recent interest these drugs have created in the field of mental retardation.

In constructing the rating scale, the investigator was guided by the neurophysiological theories of drug action and the findings of experimental and non-experimental empirical investigations. The specific content of the scale was procured primarily by: (1) circulating a questionnaire designed to elicit behavior descriptions of atypical mentally retarded children, to ninety-six psychiatric aides employed at the Parsons State Hospital and Training Center, Parsons, Kansas; and (2) reviewing existing rating scales and check lists used as criterion measures in psychopharmacological research studies.

From the above data, 174 Items (descriptive statements) were designed for eight categories of behavior which represent the major postulated effects of psychothropic drugs.


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