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The study sought to develop a method for recording and analyzing some of the patterns of the proxemic behavior of a small group of retarded children. It further sought to determine whether or not there were reliably measurable proxemic group behavior and individual differences in the proxemic behavior of mentally retarded subjects who were not significantly different in behavior patterns measured by an adaptive behavior scale.

The four subjects used in this study were observed in a small rectangular room. A photographic record was made at two minute intervals of the positions of the subjects in the room. From this record measurements of the distancing behavior between subjects was made.

The results have shown that subjects who had no significant differences in adaptive behavior, as measured by an adaptive behavior scale, exhibited significant differences in proxemic behavior. Not only did individual differences become apparent, but also reliably measurable proxemic patterms emerged for the group.


ix, 82 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaves 79-82.

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