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The purpose of this research was to compare the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities and the Parsons Language Sample in assessing the linguistic functioning of institutionalized mentally retarded children. A stratified sample of mentally retarded children was administered both the ITPA and PLS in counterbalanced order. The results were correlated through the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient and the correlation matrix analyzed through a principle-components factor analysis. The ITPA, PLS comparison produced high correlation coefficients with the exception of the Intraverbal Gesture sub-test of the PLS. The factor analysis of the correlation matrix revealed one or more sub-tests had high loadings on five different factors. Sub-tests of both the ITPA and PLS had high loadings on "Immediate Recall of Auditory Symbols," "General Linguistic Ability," and "Comprehension and Expression." The other two factors, "Imitation of a Motor Act," and "The Ability to Make a Gestural Response to a Verbal stimulus," each had one sub-test of the PLS highly loaded on it. The results of the factor analysis suggested with mentally retarded children Vocal and Motor Encoding tests may be more a test of comprehension than encoding ability and that "Imitation of a Motor Act," is an aspect of linguistic functioning sampled by the PLS but not the ITPA.


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