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The problem was to determine accepted standards and criteria for library evaluation, make use of them in evaluating the library of the Midway High School, Stark City, Missouri, and make suggestions for the improvement of that library. This study is based on the assumptions: (1) that the library in the school must contribute to modern curriculum development and the preparation of youth for citizenship and life; (2) that continuous growth and adjustment of library services must be made in keeping with the needs of the individual pupil, the school, and the community; (3) and that improvement can be made with a minimum of library experience if fundamental objectives are set and recommended practices are followed. This manuscript contains a report of an evaluation of the Midway library made the school year 1947-1948. The survey was based on recommendations of authorities in library science and minimum standards of state departments in library science and minimum standards of state department of education and other accrediting agencies. To obtain data for comparison, the author made during the same period a similar survey of five other high school libraries in the same county. Results of the evaluation are revealed in Chapter ix, Summary. As shown in the summary, the findings of the study are made the basis of recommendations for improvement. The latter are given in Chapter x, Suggestions and Recommendations.


vi, 64 leaves ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaves 63-64.

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