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The purpose of the current study is to examine the relationship between family environment and locus of control among children and adolescents. The data examined consisted of 52 participants who were from a larger study that was comprised of 265 participants in a school setting. The measures used for this study were the Family Environment Scale (FES) and the Multidimensional Measure of Children's Perceptions of Control (MMCPC). An independent groups t test was used to examine whether there were significant differences in scores on the relationship and growth domains on the FES between internal, external, or unknown locus of control as indicated by scores on the MMCPC. The results of the independent groups t tests showed no statistically significant differences in scores on the personal growth or the relationship domains on the FES. These findings do not support the current hypotheses that a child or adolescent's locus of control would be associated with certain types of scores on the FES in the personal growth and relationship domains, indicating that scores on these two domains on the FES are similar for the internal and external locus of control groups.


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