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The current study examined the MMPI-2's Restructured Clinical Scale 3 (RC3) measuring cynicism from the Tellegen et al. (2003) Restructured Clinical Scales project. While RC3 has shown adequate reliability coefficients, research investigating RC3 has questioned its validity and descriptive abilities. Research suggests that adequate criterion has not been established for the scale. RC3 in this study was correlated with three types of social support: Proactive Coping, Instrumental Support Seeking, and Emotional Support Seeking. Based on a review of the literature of cynicism and social support, it was hypothesized that a negative relationship would exist between the two constructs. The study utilized 66 college participants from undergraduate psychology classes. No significant correlations between cynicism and social support were found. Implications of the lack of significant results are discussed in terms of limitations of the data set, an inadequate representation of the psychological vulnerability model, and that RC3 may not be sensitive to social support measures.


vi, 52 leaves ; 29 cm.Includes bibliographical references (leaves 42-46).

Added Author: Pittsburg State University. Dept. of Psychology and Counseling.



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