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This study investigated the influence of the examiner on children administered Machover's Draw A Person Test. Forty third and fourth grade children from two elementary schools served as subjects. The administrators were college students.

The subjects were randomly divided into four groups of 5 at each school, so that each examiner administered the test twice, once at each school. Examiners were also randomly assigned to their groups.

It was hypothesized that children tend to use the administrator of the DAP as a model for their drawings. The statistical analysis of data, however, did not support the hypothesis.

During the course of the investigation, several other findings became apparent, one of them concerning creativity of drawings. This factor was then investigated and it was found that the drawings from one school were, according to statistical analysis, more creative than drawings from the other school.

The author of this study feels that, after investigation of the problem, it is difficult to determine what the child actually does draw. It is felt, however, that one must have a thorough knowledge of the child's developmental stages, of the creative process of drawing, and of the relationships between these stages and the ability and interest of the child in graphic communication before assuming validity of the interpretative results offered by the DAP.


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