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This study was made to preserve the story of the Joplin & Pittsburg Railway Company, a transportation pioneer in the Pittsburg, Kansas, district. The study begins with the founding of Pittsburg, cursorily discusses the coming of steam trunk lines, and treats of the electric lines which were merged in 1910 to form the Joplin & Pittsburg Railway Company. From this juncture the study deals with the progress of the line until its end in 1929. Chronological order has been followed in the study in an effort to accentuate the cause and effect aspects of the company's life. Labor troubles, extensions, and finances have been given considerable attention in order that it may be as apparent as possible why the corporation failed.

Company records to 1929 are not extant, having been willfully destroyed by purchasers of the property in that year. Because of this, most material used in this study was taken from the Pittsburg Headlight. To determine the company's expansions and obligations a book of franchises was used. This book is the personal property of J.A. Fenimore. For study of the early companies considerable amount of material was found in the Golden Jubilee Edition of the Pittsburg Headlight, and Sister M. Augustine Clarahan's thesis, The Founding and Early Development of Pittsburg.


Copy of typewritten thesis, iv, 152 leaves, [1] leaf of plates: map; 28 cm.


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