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The purpose of this study was to explore Missouri elementary music educators' perceptions of their school districts' elementary music curriculum, and to explore the elementary music educators' involvement in the development and implementation of their districts' elementary music curriculum. Elementary music educators from across the state of Missouri participated in the survey. After a link to the survey was sent to all the school districts in the state of Missouri, 169 people responded. The survey was created in SurveyMonkey. A link was then emailed to the superintendents of each school district in Missouri. The superintendents were asked to forward the link to the elementary music educator(s) within their school districts. Of the 169 participants, 77% (119) were satisfied with their school districts’ elementary music curriculum, and 62% (94) of the participants were involved in the revision and implementation of their current curriculum. The survey results also indicated a possible need for more teacher collaboration. They further revealed a lack of professional development concerning the Missouri Music Grade Level Expectations. It would appear, however, that the majority of respondents were satisfied with their elementary music curriculum, and over half of them were involved in the development and implementation of their current music curriculums.


Born digital thesis, vi, 81 p.

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