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Magazine publishing began to flourish in the United States after World War I (1914-1918). Since its establishment in 1923, Time, the Weekly News magazine, has been a rapidly growing magazine that has been a popular source of news and has developed a style that has influenced journalistic writing and, to some degree, the development of American English. In a busy, prosperous and scientific era, Time was the first publication of its kind to provide news coverage of all important events in digested and organized form with good picture illustrations and editorial comments fused in the text. It became popular and financially prosperous because of its style, its policy, and its management. A study of Time's writing has shown that current events can be recorded interestingly. The journalistic vocabulary can be increased with an introduction of new words through. traditional word-forming processes and through the introduction of foreign words; sentence structure can be varied to ward off dullness; literary allusions and metaphoric phrases can be employed with skill and subtlety; even imaginary scenes can be occasionally added to the less serious stories to hold readers' interest and curiosity.


v, 106 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaves 95-97

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