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Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (LAS) is a biodegradable surfactant commonly used industrially and domestically. Concentrations had never been examined in Pittsburg’s Wastewater Treatment Plant because the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit does not specify any standard for LAS in Pittsburg's wastewater. This study monitored influent and effluent LAS concentrations three times per day, every day for 12 weeks (Feb 24 – May 18, 2014). Concentrations were determined by the Methylene Blue Active Substances method. There was very little variation in the effluent concentrations which were one tenth of those in the influent. LAS concentrations in influent were highly variable by the time of the day, day of the week, and week of the study period. Three weeks that were lower in in-fluent LAS concentrations coincided with university activities. College students may have a large impact on influent LAS concentrations because they make up 25% of Pittsburg’s population. One week was spring break, and the other two weeks were during final exams.


Born digital thesis, ix, 51 p.


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