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Throughout the ages of time, it was the common man who built the stairways to fame climbed by only a chosen few. In the span of Orla Samuel Casad's life, 1846 to 1928, the United States experienced a reform and evolution of its social and political structure, along with the opening of the era of expansionism. Casad's paths led him to participate in the early settling of La Mesilla, New Mexico, as well as in the establishment of Pittsburg, Kansas. His involvement in political organizations, the military, and many fraternal and social groups allowed him to speak his opinion and influence his community. During his lifetime, Casad was representative of the spirit and backbone of America; for it was the common man who plowed the fields, raised the church steeples, established communities, and fought in wars. America's future. The common man built the foundation of America's future.


Copy of typewritten thesis, v, 110 leaves, ill., maps, geneal. table, facsims.; 28 cm.


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