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The purpose of this study is to give the story of the first twenty-five years of Webb City, Missouri, "The Town That Jack Built," and the background for the formation of this typical midwestern mining town. The material for this study has been collected from libraries, histories, newspapers, photograph collections, scrapbooks and other souvenirs treasured over the years, and personal interviews with formerly prominent mining men and descendants of the early settlers.

The historical sketch of Webb City has been made under three chapters: (1) the early history of Webb City; (2) the industrial and economic development of Webb City; and, (3) the educational and social development of Webb City.

The early settlement of this locality is but a repetition of thousands of others; the same trials, the same privations were here to be overcome which had always met those who have led the advancing hosts of civilization. Those who blazed the pathway of civilization of this locality were mostly from Kentucky and Tennessee. The study shows how this agriculture frontier was suddenly replaced by that of mining and traces the economic, political,' and social growth of the community.


Copy of typewritten thesis, v, 104 leaves: ill., map, photos.; 28 cm.


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