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The purpose of this study was to provide additional validity information for the Social Introversion Scale (Si), the Social Introversion Sub-scales (Si 1, Si 2 and Si 3), the Social Discomfort Content Scale (SOD) and the component scales (SOD 1 and SOD 2) of the MMPI-2. Previous research has focused on comparing the MMPI-2 with other self-report measures. The present study attempted to determine how well the MMPI-2 predicted behavioral observations of shyness and anxiety and self-reported discomfort in social situations. 88 participants took the MMPI-2 and then participated in a group activity. Observer and self-ratings of this activity were correlated with MMPI-2 scales. Results indicated that the MMPI-2 is effective at predicting shyness and social discomfort. Si 1 seemed to be the best predictor of both perceived discomfort and feelings of social inadequacy in social situations. Si 2 and SOD 1 seemed to be more related to social introversion than social anxiety_ Based on this study, Si 3 seemed to be unrelated to social discomfort, shyness and social introversion.


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