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The Objective of the present study was to compare performance of normals and retardates on an expressive motor task. The test used was the Mira Myokinetic Psychodiagnosis. This test was selected because of its quality of objectivity and lack of use in the area of mental retardation. The need for such a study is evidenced by the speculation of various authors concerning the role of expressive motor behavior in personality development and its diagnostic value. The test was administered to twenty normals and twenty retardates. The retardate sample was selected from the patient population of Parsons State Hospital and Training Center and the normal sample consisted of Juniors and Seniors at Parsons Senior High School. The samples were controlled for handedness, sex, age, and lack of gross physical handicaps. The test was administered to each subject once and then scored.


vii, 83 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaves 81-83.

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