Date of Award

Spring 5-14-2022

Document Type

Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Janis Schiefelbein

Second Advisor

Karen Johnson

Third Advisor

Ananda Jayawardhana


Dementia is a growing issue among healthcare organizations within the United States (U.S.) with approximately 5.7 million individuals diagnosed. These numbers of affected individuals are expected to increase and reach approximately 152 million by 2050 globally. Dementia is a progressive disease of cognitive loss. Establishing goals or items the patient can perform can have a positive impact on patient care by allowing for a collaborative approach and initiating the family as necessary participants in the care of the dementia patient. Video sharing services such as YouTube have made learning easily accessible for a multitude of varied reasons.

A descriptive quality improvement project was undertaken to determine what type of dementia education is provided to families and patients, determine if family involvement for the patient diagnosed with dementia has the potential to continue in the long-term care setting by providing education via video sharing through YouTube technology, and determine if education via YouTube were available would the LTC support its use for patients and families. A survey consisting of fifteen questions using Google Forms was disbursed to fifteen different long-term care facilities in the counties of Labette and Montgomery in Kansas and Washington and Nowata in Oklahoma. A population size of 34 participants were utilized for the project. After the fourth week of survey availability, the data was collected and analyzed using Excel and Minitab.

The results were able to demonstrate that fifty percent of the survey respondents indicated that dementia education would improve family involvement. Seventy-five percent indicated support for the delivery of dementia education. Lastly, over fifty percent of participants believe that the family’s participation could increase throughout the progression of dementia if education was provided.

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Nursing Commons