Date of Award

Spring 5-7-2021

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Scholarly Project

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Dr. Jennifer Harris (

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Dr. Janis Schiefelbein (

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Dr. David Hurford (


Purpose: The main purpose of this study was to review the number of calls of the rapid response team (RRT) and the potential change in cardiac arrest rates before and after education of the floor nurses concerning RRT.

Design: A quantitative study was completed using a retrospective chart review to observe the number of calls of the RRT as well as patient cardiac arrest rates after education of the floor nurses concerning the RRT. Chart reviews were conducted on all rapid response calls seven months after nursing education was complete and during a seven-month period one year after completion of nursing education. Data was analyzed using Statistical Analysis Software (SAS). Data analyses included chi-square analyses.

Findings: When analyzing the number of rapid response calls, a chi-square test was done and showed significance in the number of rapid response calls after nursing education [χ2(2) = 8.2472, p = 0.0162]. The results support the main research question of after educating nurses about the RRT, did the number of call increase and was the increased sustained one year later. There were no significant results in the data regarding improvement in cardiac arrest rates after nursing education.

Limitations: The results of this study may not be repeated in other hospitals that use a rapid response team. The number of participants in this study was small.

Conclusions: This study showed that educating the nurses once helped increase utilization of the RRT; however, there was indication that yearly education may be needed. The data one year later showed a decline in the number of calls from the period immediately after education but remained higher than the pre-education period. Providing the education to nurses yearly and to newly hired nurses as part of the orientation process can help ensure that the RRT continue to be utilized.

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