Date of Award

Winter 12-16-2016

Document Type

Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing (ND)



First Advisor

Dr. Amy Hite

Second Advisor

Dr. Cheryl Giefer

Third Advisor

Dr. Kathleen Sandness


The purpose of this project was to determine the potential need for an app to allow patients to self-manage their asthma and allergies. Through a substantial literature review, the need for an app as well as a desire for this population to manage their disease was demonstrated. Determination was made to have three separate components to create an all-inclusive app, an education component, an asthma tracker, and a personalized allergy profile. The app was storyboarded before being sent to providers and small focus group for proof of concept and functionality of components. The app, ALLAS, was constructed and housed on allowing the creator to update information and push that information out immediately as features or along with the establishment of an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and trademarking of ALLAS. Content will continue to be added and beta-testing will occur in early 2017 in preparation of a general release to all mobile device download stores. For sustainability, ALLAS is currently funded by the creator, with the ability to have advertising on screens in the app.

Included in

Nursing Commons