Date of Award

Fall 11-21-2016

Document Type

Scholarly Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing (ND)



First Advisor

Dr. Jennifer Harris

Second Advisor

Dr. Amy Hite

Third Advisor

Dr Pawan Kahol


An Abstract of the Scholarly Project by

Shawn E. Raymond

Medication cost is a major contributor for patient medication nonadherence. Take in the fact that a large population lives in poverty, many cannot afford to pay the retail prices associated with purchasing their medications. By incorporating wholesale medications into a charitable health clinic, the reduced cost of medications for treatment of both acute and chronic illnesses could be passed on to those in need thereby decreasing cost associated medication nonadherence. Nurse Practitioners in the state of Kansas are not afforded the privilege to purchase, repackage and distribute or resell wholesale medications like their physician counterparts. If current legislation were changed to allow this to happen, even if it is only in the setting of the charitable healthcare clinics, those individuals who are uninsured and in poverty would have more affordable access to prescription medications. By increasing the affordability of the medications and decreasing cost associated medication nonadherence, the health status of this population could be greatly improved.


4th Advisor - Dr. Isaac Boone