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Kansas Library Conference 2014

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Is your library’s print serials collection irrelevant and little used? Have you been given a mandate to change? Has your library’s budget been cut while you must provide access to relevant serials and databases?

In June of 2013, Axe Library had a change of leadership and at the same time, staff were given a mandate to change by university administration with no idea of what that meant. In addition, the library faced a crippling budget shortfall that meant subscription cuts were inevitable. As a result, staff came to realize that the status quo of doing their jobs as they knew them would no longer suffice. The library had to make lasting changes in providing access to relevant resources, but also deal with the budget crisis. With the new Dean’s leadership, staff members united to set priorities for relevant serials and database needs in order to create a student-centered, service oriented library. While Axe Library’s situation is not unique, this librarian discusses innovative ideas and suggests a model for other libraries.