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Kansas Library Association-College and University Libraries Section (CULS)

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Has your institution mandated an Institutional Repository for open access? Do you feel intimidated by working with two digital repositories simultaneously? We will share our success and experience of working with two repositories with a small staff at two small universities in rural Kansas.

The repository serves as a Green Open Access solution to globally share. Both Pittsburg State University (PSU) and Fort Hays State University (FHSU) currently use CONTENTdm (CDM) as their primary digital repository. In 2015 both PSU and FHSU purchased and launched BePress Digital Commons (DC), a more robust repository. If you see global discoverability, unlimited storage, efficient technical support, and the ability to share a wide range of file formats in one interface, then Digital Commons by BePress is the most reliability.

We will share the experiences and challenges of adapting and implementing the IR at PSU and FHSU. We will compare and contrast our advantages and disadvantages of the two platforms. Finally we will share the challenges associated with IR initiatives at PSU and FHSU including marketing, workflows, and collection development.