Ty Spurling


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Glasses with irregular glass shards attached to the interior of the lenses, melted wax crayon, and printed words on opaque paper covering the lenses

“For my GLASSes I wanted to create something shocking, so I decided to attach shattered glass to the inside of the glasses facing inwards. I used real glass and hot glued it all because it dries fast and translucent. After it dried, I wanted to add a bloody effect, so I melted a red crayon and dripped it over the sharp edges.

Although my outlook for 2020 isn’t completely hopeless, my glasses took a more sinister turn when I had the idea to glue shattered glass on the inside of the glasses. This made them completely nonfunctional, but they ended up being a striking statement maker. It was kind of hard dealing with dangerous materials like shattered glass, so I was extra careful by wearing thick leather gloves.” –Spurling