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Q-tips, toilet paper rolls, and colored masking tape

“My idea was to make it kind of covid-19 related and thought it would be really cool to make them out of toilet paper rolls! I thought that would be an awesome idea because covid-19 is the reason we are doing this project and toilet paper seems to be the theme so I THOUGHT it would be perfect….. it was not. It was so hard to make them not look like I was putting trash together and call it good. But I really liked my theme of toilet paper rolls because it just fit so well.

In the end they looked somewhat cute and it was an hour and a half of laughing with my boyfriend as he watched me make them try them on and then them break so I am happy about that! These glasses were more about the journey of making them then the actual project! And I think it sums up my covid-19 issues as well lol!” –Taylor