Document Type

Graduate Research

Publication Date

Spring 4-2016


Two different boron compounds, bis(tetramethylammonium) decaborate, TMAD, and bis (tetrabutylammonium) decaborate, TBAD were studied as potential replacements for halogenated flame retardants. Current commercially available, halogenated flame retardants are not environmentally friendly and release strong acids upon burning. TMAD and TBAD were combined with triphenylphosphine oxide and cast in polyurethane films at varying levels. These samples were then cut into strips and burned in a UL-94 flame chamber. These samples were also tested via TGA for degradation temperature. These varying levels were tested via several Design of Experiments constructed within Minitab software. Results thus far have shown the potential for these compound combinations to be used as flame retardants. Studies to determine the optimal ratio of additives for flame retardancy will be presented